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Example of what our

monthly painting schedule

will look like for the kids!

Calling all Little Picassos!

Starting soon, Ms. Allison will be offering daily painting classes for kids!  

Empower your youngster to embrace his or her creativity!  On location at House of Art Painting Studio, classes will be offered for children ages 7-15 each week day after school and/or during summer break. 

Using quality materials like acrylic paints on real canvases, students will be guided along, learning how to paint comfortably and at their own pace!  Ms. Allison focuses on fun-in-learning, in a no-pressure and highly encouraging art studio atmosphere! 

Awesome News Parents,

Signing your child up for class will be easy!  A monthly calendar (like the example below) will be posted online and/or emailed to you (so get on our email list at the bottom of this page!) in advance.  The image you see on the calendar, is the picture we will be painting that day!  EASY, right?  If your child likes the image of the day, they are welcome to class that afternoon to paint it!  There will be one flat charge for each two-hour long lesson.  We understand and believe in the importance of small class sizes, so ours will be no more than 6 per lesson/per day. 

Classes will fill on a first come, first serve basis - and can be scheduled by calling ahead. 

All paintings are completed within the single class period...voila

Instant Gratification = Happy Kids!

Here at House of Art Painting Studio, we get it. 

So, here's the plan:

Pay for as little or as much as your child comes - pay per class!

No short OR long term commitments, contracts, or membership fees!

No expensive musical instruments to purchase or short 30 min. lesson times!

No materials to buy or extra supplies costs.
No uniforms or pricey costumes to buy.

And it's still less expensive than piano lessons, karate class, or dance.

Pricing, sign up details, fall monthly painting schedules and class start dates will be available soon!  Please check back, go to our contact us page, or fill out the short form at the bottom of this page to get on our email list and receive exclusive updates, deals and artsy news!

Thank you for your patience! 

Kids Painting Lessons

with Ms. Allison

Coming Soon!

Kids Painting Lessons

with Ms. Allison

Coming Soon!